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Star Product: Butterfly Valve

As a professional valve supplier, Lituo Valve Industries mainly produce Butterfly Valves. Basically, the Butterfly Valve is a quarter-turn rotational motion valve and is mainly used as butterfly control valve. We offer a great variety of Butterfly Valves in terms of their connection types, disc types, seal types, etc. You can contact us directly for high-performance butterfly valves by factory price.


Wafer Type Butterfly Valve

Mostly, our Wafer Type Butterfly Valve is designed with four holes that align with the connected pipeline. This kind of valve clamps between two flanges in the pipework and it fits the majority of flange standards.


Lug Type Butterfly Valve

The Lug Type Butterfly Valve is featured with threaded tapped lugs positioned for bolt connections. This design makes the Lug Type Butterfly Valve suitable for end-of-line service.


Flange Type Butterfly Valve

Our Flange Type Butterfly Valve is mainly Double Flanged Butterfly Valve, which uses double-head bolts to connect the valve between two pipe flanges.


Lituo-Your Trusted Valve Provider

Butterfly Valve Manufacturer

Lituo Valve Industries is a worldwide leading Butterfly Valve Manufacturer and was established in the year 2005. We supply different types of Butterfly Valves to distributors all over the world.

For Butterfly Valve Distributors

All over the world

Our main products are Wafer Type Butterfly Valve, Lug Type Butterfly Valve, and Flange Butterfly Valves: in terms of the material, we offer cast iron butterfly valves, ductile iron butterfly valves, and also stainless steel butterfly valves; in terms of the stem position, we offer concentric butterfly valve, double offset butterfly valve, and triple offset butterfly valve. Both the Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve and the Metal Seated Butterfly Valves are our main products.


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"LITUO fittings make plumbing repairs accessible to just about anyone. I've been on a quest to replace all the old-style valves (round handle ones) with the updated ball-style valves like this. With just a simple tubing cutter and these LITUO valves I'm able to replace an old valve in just a few minutes on my copper piping (plastic or PEX would be even easier). Yes, they do cost a bit more than standard-style fittings that need to be "sweated" in, but the convenience is worth it in my book not to have to mess with torches, solder, etc. I've found the LITUO quality to be pretty consistent across all the different fittings I've used. "

Sasha Dyma

"I live in a home built in the 60s and am not a plumber. I found LITUO on Facebook and am grateful for the product. This made fixing a leaky pipe much simpler.  I followed the directions to measure the depth of insertion and made sure the pipe ends were cut flat and clean.  I have checked multiple times for leaks and the connector is holding it's own. Not sure how this product with fair overtime, I have well water, but have read that water high in chlorine can damage the seal.  I would definitely recommend, especially for a repair that cannot wait for a plumber.”

Slimane Oussama

“If you have never used LITUO plumbing accessories and tools,then you have worked too hard on your repairs and installations.  These are the top of the line folks. Once you get what you need and the right size,they are so EASY to put on that ANYONE can do it.  Cut water line,debur the end,slide on the LITUO connector,give it a quick pull in the opposite direction,and your DONE.  I put two of these on underneath a garden tub in less than 15 minutes for both. No leaks,no assembly tools,just a cutter and debur tool ,both of which LITUO sells.  Guys it doesn't get any easier than this.”

Salem Alabbadi

“Worked like a champ! Installed this heavy piece of very well built engineering on the state of the art filtration system I designed for my wife’s koi pond.  It is a proto type design right now, so I can’t disclose too much,....... But with the help of this specific check valve mentioned, I was able to create a life saving, oxygen enriched aquatic wonderland for the prize koi fish! Thank you so much LITUO!!”

Mukesh Dewasi


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