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bf valves types

1. Main types of butterfly valves

Compared with other types of valves, the butterfly valve is relatively a more simple and more economic choice. However, this butterfly valve also should adapt to a wide range of temperatures and pressures, which eventually leads to the development of a family of butterfly valves varying in connection types, body materials, and seat materials, etc.

Generally, the butterfly valves are classified as the following:

According to the piping connection design, there are wafer-type butterfly valves, lug-type butterfly valves, and flange-type butterfly valves ( the double flange butterfly valve is the most popular type).

bf valves types

According to the disc closure design, there are concentric butterfly valves and eccentric butterfly valves.

bf valves disc closure

Lituo offers almost all types of the bf valves mentioned above, and the wafer valve is our main product.

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2. What factors to consider when choosing butterfly valves? 

Among so many types of bf valves, how to choose the right type for your applications? What factors to consider when choosing the china butterfly valves? The crucial factors for the bf valve selection are the following:

End Connection—The development of various types of end connection designs is due to the varying needs of piping systems. Some bf valves are required along the middle of the piping lines, sandwiched between two adjacent pipe flanges; in this case, the non-threaded butterfly valve, known as ‘wafer type butterfly valve’ or ‘wafer valve’, is a more adequate choice. Some valves are required for ‘dead-end’ service; in this case, the lug-type butterfly valve with protruding lugs on the body is a better choice.

Compared with the wafer type and the lug type bf valves, the flange type butterfly valve can bear more pressure and is widely used in harsh and tough environments.

Body Materials—The most common materials for the bf valve body are carbon steel and ductile iron for these two types are more available and affordable. However, when it comes to a harsh environment, the stainless steel bf valves are more appropriate as they are highly resistant to both corrosion and high temperatures.

bf valves connection types

Actuation types—The actuation types is another crucial factor to consider while choosing the bf valves; this is usually neglected by many users and valve distributors. The liquid pressure of the project and the size of the valve determine the type of actuation: if you’re using a small valve, the lever-type actuator is the best choice as it’s the simplest method of operation. Besides this manual operation also saves cost. However, when it comes to a large bf valve, the gear type actuator is better: compared with the lever type actuation, the gear wheel type actuation is featured by a hand-operated wheel that rotates a gear, this mechanism helps to save human work and is suitable for both large and small bf valves. Besides, there are also other types of actuation, such as pneumatic type, hydraulic type, etc.

bf valves automatic actuations

The factors we mentioned above are all features of the bf valves themselves. Besides, the factors of the media inside the pipe also impact the bf valve selection.

Types of media—Before purchasing valves, it’s vital to know what kind of media goes through the pipe work controlled by the bf valves. When it comes to the gas, it’s required a minimum specified leakage rate at a specific operating temperature and pressure; when it comes to the liquid, a tight seal is essential, which determines the materials of the seat end and the types of disc closure.

Pressure drop—The pressure drop refers to the change in fluid pressure between the inlet and outlet of the valves. This parameter determines whether the valve can control or alter the fluid flow to any extent.

The factors we mention above are the main factors to consider in the selection of the butterfly valves. Besides, there are also many other factors depending on the requirements of specific applications.


3. Why choose Lituo Butterfly Valves?

Lituo Butterfly Valves

Among so many china butterfly valves, why choose Lituo butterfly valves? To sum up, our butterfly valves will offer you the following:

Zero leakage sealing effect

Long life service

High-efficiency performance

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