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  1. Storage Conditions:

Do not unpack the valves until they are ready for installation for the dust or debris may enter and damage the seat or seal. If you need to store it for a long period of time, keep it in a well-ventilated place.

Wafer Butterfly Valve With Handle packing


  1. Cleaning Process:

Complete all the pipe welding work before the installation and wash the pipe with water or mild detergent to make sure there’s no waste residue, debris, or dust.

In the case of the butterfly which needs extra flange parts, it’s better to clean the flange parts with water or mild detergent before the installation.


  1. Installation:

          Note: Do not use the valve at pressures above its working pressure.

Before the installation, the disc must be positioned in a closed position to prevent damage to the sealing edge.

The valve can be installed in any orientation. However, it’s strongly recommended to install the valve upright, especially in the case of bigger valves. It’s best to reduce the load on the shaft caused by the actuator or gearbox.

Make sure there’s no misalignment between the butterfly valve and pipes, which is the most common cause of the butterfly valve problem. If there’s misalignment, the disc might catch while opening or closing.

Before tightening the bolts, operate the disc several times to make sure that the valve works normally following the manufacture’s recommended torque.


  1. Field Testing:

Put the disc in an open position for a hydro-static pressure test. If the seat leaks, there might be foreign material between the seat and disc. It can be flushed away by opening the valve 10 to 15 degrees causing a high-velocity flow.

If it’s necessary, the valve can be closed and opened several times.



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