Actuator type: Worm Gear

End Connection: Flange

Stem position: Double Offset

Body Materials: Ductile Iron

Seat Material: EPDM/NBR/VITON

Pressure: PN 10 / PN 16/PN25/PN40

Suitable temperature:– 10 ~ 180℃

Disc type: Ductile Iron

Size Range: DN100-DN2400

Design standards: EN593

Face to Face dimension: EN 558-1, Series 14

Flange standard: EN1092/ISO7005

Applicable medium: Industrial water, Sewage

Package: wooden case with plastic layer, wooden pallets with plastic layer, steel crates.

1. Introduction

The Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve with Flange Connection is characterized by the following features:

double offset flange butterfly valve

Flange connection-It’s the easiest and the most commonly used type of connection to be installed and uninstalled from a pipeline. This butterfly valve of flange type can be assembled and disassembled to the pipe quickly and easily.

Double offset-Due to this geometry, the circumferential seal is moved away from the seat and thus the strain on it is relieved when the valve opens. This reduces the wear and ensures a long service life.

Rubber seat-It’s also known as resilient seat. This resilient seated butterfly valve is usually equipped with rubbery material against which the internal disc seals against. The most common types are EPDM, NBR or PTFE, etc. Actually, the PTFE Lined Butterfly Valve is one of the most popular typeS: this seat is deformable so it can seal even though some debris is caught between the valve disc and the seat.


2. Specifications

eccentric resilient seat flange butterfly valve specifications



3. Applications

This eccentric butterfly valve is also known as high-performance butterfly valve as it’s designed for longevity. For this reason, this double eccentric butterfly valve with resilient seat is used for demanding processes that are:

Water/wastewater treatment

Chemical processes

Oil and gas (chemical, petrochemical, and offshore)

Power generation



Pulp and paper

Higher pressure steam


4. Advantages of our products

  • Tight sealing and less maintenance: with a double offset design and a rubber seat, this Double Eccentric Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve with flange end connection offers a good sealing effect as well as the ball valve. However, unlike the packing gland seal of the ball valve, which requires lots of maintenance work, this Eccentric Butterfly Valve Flange Type is easier to clean and repair.
  • Simple actuation process: This kind of Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve is designed with an elastomeric seal that generally requires less torque of actuation, which reduces the actuator complexity and eliminates the initial cost