Size Range: DN50-DN200

Design: EN 593, API 609

Face to Face: EN 558-1, series 20.

Pressure: PN6/10/16、5/10K、CL150、Table D/E

Body Materials: Ductile Iron

Seat Materials: (EPDM/NBR/PTFE) (50% adhesive content)

Disc type: Ductile Iron,CF8,CF8M

Stem Materials: 45#/420/304/316

End Connection: Wafer

Operate: Manual, Worm gear, Pneumatic, Electric-Motorized

Package: wooden case with plastic layer, wooden pallets with plastic layer, steel crates.


Applicable medium:Clear water and neutral liquid

Suitable temperature:- 20 ~ 120 ℃

Application field:Municipal construction, water conservancy projects, water supply and drainage, water treatment, etc


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1.Parameter Information

Parameter Information of Wafer Butterfly Valve With Worm Gear

2.Product advantages:

1. The product side flanges comply with national, German, Russian, American, British, and Japanese standards and other domestic and international standards for multiple pressures, easy connection, and wide adaptability, which can reduce the type of purchase and stock.
2. The thickness of the valve body meets the requirement of GB 26640, and the thickness and pressure strength are guaranteed.
3. The valve body is made of qt450-10 material and has 3 grades of spheroidization rate, with stronger mechanical properties, a tensile strength of 450Mpa, and an extension rate of more than 10%. Compared with the cast iron body, the tensile strength of the same thickness is twice that of cast iron body, and the applicable working pressure is higher.
4. The seat is made of imported rubber material with 50% adhesive content. The valve sealing is reliable, the opening and closing moment is stable, the valve seat has a long service life, and the opening and closing times can reach more than 10000.
5. The seats are all wide side seats, with wider sealing cover width, easier sealing at the end of the valve, and more reliable sealing. Wide edge seat facilitates valve installation, wide contact surface with flange boss on pipe, reliable sealing performance. Installation accuracy requirements are lower than narrow side seats. Seat axial with concave table, with o-ring, can realize seat axial secondary seal.
6. The valve shaft and valve body are equipped with 4 oil-free bearings and 3 o-type seals. The valve shaft supports more vigorously and the axial seal is more reliable.
7. Ultrasonic cleaning shall be carried out before packing of each valve, so as to prevent contamination and particulate impurities from remaining in the valve body, ensure the cleanliness of the valve and prevent contamination of the water body of the pipeline by the valve itself.
8. The body is sprayed with epoxy resin plastic powder from Aksu, a world-famous brand, which can be deposited thicker and have stronger adhesion after melt curing.


1.The butterfly valve adopts a wear-resistant soft backrest seat. The valve plate and valve shaft are integral straight shaft without pin type, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement.
2.The valve plate adopts a frame structure with high strength, large flow area, and small flow resistance coefficient.
3. The top of the valve plate adopts a spherical design, which greatly reduces the friction between the valve plate and the valve seat, and achieves the effect of low torque and high-pressure double-sided holding pressure.
4. The valve body paint is sprayed with high-performance outdoor anti-corrosion paint, which can effectively prevent rust.
5.The valve has a novel structure, flexible operation, low torque, and convenient installation, and can be equipped with various driving methods.

4.Installation notes of worm gear operated butterfly valve:

Commonly used worm gear operated butterfly valves have two kinds of worm gear operated wafer butterfly valves and worm gear operated flanged butterfly valves.

The wafer-type worm-gear operated butterfly valve needs to use a stud bolt to fix the valve between the two pipe flanges. Worm gear operated flanged butterfly valve body with a flange, with bolts to connect the body end flange to the pipe flange.

Worm gear operated butterfly valve installation generally does not require direction. The best installation position on the horizontal pipeline is vertical installation, it is better not to be vertically down, inconvenient to operate, but also the risk of leakage. In addition, the worm gear operated butterfly valve is a manually-operated manual valve. It is necessary to facilitate the manual operation at the installation position on the pipeline. Even if the installation is difficult, it must be given priority for the long-term work of the operator. The best installation position, the handwheel of the butterfly valve, and the general The chest of an adult is about 1 meter 2 away from the floor of the operating floor. In this position, the operator will be able to open and close the valve more easily.

The handwheel of the worm gear operated butterfly valve that lands on the floor should face upwards, do not tilt. If the installation location is against a wall or other equipment, give the operator room to stand and operate. The location of the installation must be avoided by the operator to operate in the air. Once the pipeline is acid and alkali, toxic and harmful medium, it will pose a threat to the safety of the operator.


Wafer Butterfly Valve With Handle packing