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AWWA C509 Gate Valve

When we talk about the specifications of gate valves, the American standards are important parameters for the gate valves. Basically, there are two main standards that specify the gate valves: ANSI standards and AWWA standards.



1. What is the ANSI standard?

ANSI Standard


When we talk about ANSI valves, we talk about valves designed according to with ANSI Standard.

ANSI is the abbreviation of the American National Standards Institute, which is a non-profit organization that sets general standards of the quality, the process, and the system of all the industrial products in the United States. There are thousands of regulations that impact almost every industrial sector in the USA, including the valve production industry.

What does ANSI mean for valves?

What does the ANSI valve mean: it refers to the valve that falls under the ANSI standard of 1600 that governs the gate valve in any industry that makes use of them.

This ANSI standard contains descriptive information such as repair procedures, valve dimensions, the wall thickness of the valve and the inspection processes, etc.



2. What is AWWA standard?

AWWA Standard

The AWWA is the abbreviation of the American Water Works Association that publish its first consensus documents in 1908. Nowadays there are 180 AWWA standards covering nearly all areas of water treatment and supply, such as water sourcing, water storage, treatment, and distribution, etc.  More specifically, the AWWA regulates the materials, equipment, and practices used in water treatment and supply, including valve production.

Both the AWWA and ANSI have thorough standards for flanges of gate valves, but there are differences: ANSI is aimed at industrial flange installations while the AWWA standard focuses on the flange for potable water. Besides, the ANSI includes the welded auxiliary connections information while the AWWA doesn’t address those installations.

What are AWWA C515 and AWWA C509?

AWWA C509 Gate Valve

When we talk about gate valve types, the AWWA C515 and the AWWA C509 are two important parameters. What do they mean?

AWWA C509 Standard: It was developed in 1980 and is based on the physical characteristics of cast iron. It regulates the design standard for resilient seat valves for water and wastewater, especially the wall thickness of the valve body.

AWWA C515 standard: This standard is based on the more robust physical characteristics of ductile iron.


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