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1. How does an actuator do on the valve?

The actuator is a mechanical device that moves or controls a mechanism or system. In terms of the butterfly valve, the actuator is moved by electricity energy, hydraulic power or even a hand to move the disc controlling the flow of gas or liquid.

The actuator of the butterfly valve is connected to the rod that passes through the disc inside the valve. By rotating this actuator the disc turns either parallel or perpendicular to the flow: the disc might turn on a diametrical axis inside a pipe; or the disc might be composed of two semicircular plates hinged on a common spindle, which permits flow in only one direction. The actuated butterfly valve offers a rotary stem movement of 90 degrees or less.


2. What are the types of butterfly actuators?

By the movement of the actuator, the actuated butterfly valve controls the fluid by enhancing the steady and incremental flow. There a various types of actuated butterfly valves, such as worm gear butterfly valve, motorized butterfly valve with actuator, pneumatic butterfly valve, etc.

According to the types of the actuator of butterfly valves, the main types are the following:

  • Manual Butterfly Valve

As the name indicates, the manual butterfly valve is equipped with hand-operated actuators, which mainly are wheel, crank, or lever. This is a simple and inexpensive valve operating system that is suitable for pipe systems without access to power.

It’s worth mentioning that due to the limited energy transmitted by hand, the manual actuator is more suitable for small-sized butterfly valves whose operational speed is lower.

  • Motorized Butterfly Valve with Actuator

This kind of butterfly valve is also known as an electric butterfly valve. The electric actuator offers is a maintenance-free, simple-to-install device. Compared with the manual butterfly valve, the motorized butterfly valve with actuator saves lots of work and operates more quietly.

However, compared with the butterfly valve with handle, this electric butterfly valve requires a stable power supply.

  • Pneumatic Butterfly Valve

The pneumatic butterfly valve is featured by a pneumatic actuator, which contains multiple ports for the entry and expulsion of compressed air. As the air enters the chamber inside the actuator, it causes a linear or rotary motion of the piston resulting in a rotational or lifting torque on the stem. Thus the disc of the pneumatic butterfly valve will open and close to control the flow of fluids.

This butterfly valve with pneumatic actuator requires an external supply of compressed air.



3. Our star products of butterfly valve

Among so many types of actuated butterfly valves, the manual butterfly valve is our star product.

These are inexpensive and easy to operate. More specifically, there are two types: butterfly valve with handle and worm gear butterfly valve.

Butterfly valve with handle:

This might be the easiest manual butterfly valve. With a lever attached to a metal rod, the lever controls the disc to make a 90-degree turn that opens o closes the valve completely.

The benefits of the butterfly valve with handle are the followings:

It’s much more simple to operate than the worm gear butterfly valve.

As this valve can lock in place wherever the turning motion stops, this valve allows for partial opening and closing. This is quite useful for projects that require precise measurements.

We produce a great variety of butterfly valves with handles, including flange butterfly valve with handle, lug butterfly valve with handle, and lug butterfly valve with handle, especially the flange butterfly valve with handle.

Manual Flange Butterfly Valve

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Worm Gear Butterfly Valve

This kind of valve is designed with a gearbox to increase the torque of decreased the speed of opening/closing. This worm gear butterfly valve is self-locking and can be equipped with position indicators.

The benefits of the worm gear butterfly valves are the followings:

This butterfly valve is sturdier and takes up less space.

Besides, this worm gear actuator is more suitable for butterfly valves in larger sizes.

We offer flange type, lug type, and wafer type butterfly valves with worm gear actuator. Among them, the flange-type butterfly valve with worm gear actuator is very popular.

Manual Flange Butterfly Valve

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