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Totally there are several valve tests that need to be done throughout the production process. From design, manufacturing, installation, and operation to the maintenance, in every step, there’s always a valve test. And the most important tests are usually conducted before the valve leaves the factory.

valve testing

1. Types of Valve Tests

Generally, there’re mainly two types of valve tests: Hydrostatic Test and Pneumatic Test. In the case of the hydrostatic test, the medium to use is liquid; in the case of the pneumatic test, the medium to use is gas. Generally speaking, the potential energy of compressed gas is much greater than that for a non-compressible liquid.

According to the purpose of the test, the valve tests can be classified into two types: strength test and sealing test. Normally both the strength test and the sealing test are conducted on the hydraulic test bench unless there’s a higher operating pressure standard and the test will be pneumatic.

2. Sampling Rate

To guarantee the quality of valves, there’s a sampling rate for different kinds of valves: 20% of low-pressure valves must be tested randomly; and in the case of medium and high-pressure valves,  100% should be checked.

In this article, we mainly focus on the sealing test for its the most common and important test


3 Sealing Test

Gate valve

GOST-30ч39р-Resilient-Gate-Valve 3
GOST-30ч39р-Resilient-Gate-Valve 4

In the case of the gate valve, the standard sealing test procedure is the following:

  1. Open the gate plate.
  2. Allow the pressure inside the valve to rise to the specified test value.
  3. Close the gate plate.
  4. Immediately remove the gate valve to check for leakage on both sides of the gate plate sealing. If you find any leakage, immediately replace the valve with a new one. 

 Butterfly Valve

  1. Open the butterfly plate and close the other end
  2. Inject the test medium at the pressure specifier by testing requirements.
  3. Close the butterfly plate
  4. Check for leakage on both sides to see whether there’s leakage.


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